How to use Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher software is a multifunction application for your Android device that has been rooted, developed by ChelpuS. This application allows users to carry out further intervention and management of Android App. Therefore, the users can download and install games and completely free applications, it also removes the troublesome of the applications such as Google ads, Google Service or outputs new APK file format based on downloaded Android App.


It is possible to assert that although it is not an official application software, Lucky Patcher is really a familiar name that is used by many users because of its advantages that no app includes.

Some attractive features of Lucky Patcher

Needless to say, the majority of users know that Lucky Patcher is quite popular application and useful for Android users. It is really a powerful tool that supports many Android users with unique features such as:

  • Remove ads in computer and in Android apps (this is one of the outstanding features and the most interesting one of Lucky Patcher when the majority of users feel troublesome with ads).
  • Modify the application right.
  • Remove checking the copyright for applications that require paying any fee.
  • Install the Google Play Mod.
  • Output Apk format for sharing other mobile phones including Android app (not Native) downloaded from BBW.
  • Removed the default app permissions on files that the installation ON APK.
  • Remove Dalvik-cache.
  • View application information and access rights of specific Android apps.

In addition, there are many useful features of Lucky Patcher provided to the users.

How to use Lucky Patcher software

To use this application software, first of all, the users need to keep in mind and make sure of two things. Firstly, your device has been rooted successfully. Secondly, your Android device has been installed Lucky Patcher software. If two requirements above are met, Lucky Patcher app use is very simple and easy.


After booting the machine, just open Lucky Patcher app. Now, the screen interface will show up a list of software on your computer. Depending on each application and the capacity of Lucky Patcher, the applications will be displayed in different colors so that the users can distinguish and feel convenient to use. In particular:

Green: an application with License Verification, Patch success rate is very high; click and hold, then select “Remove License Verification”.

Yellow: Use Patch package separately, click and hold, then select Custom Patch.

Blue: an application with Google ads, click and hold, then select “Remove Google Ads”.

Red: Unable to Patch or nothing to Patch.

Purple: an application not listed in the startup list.

Orange: system application, be cautious when handling this type of application.


Lucky Patcher application is no longer so new; however, its attraction and popularity has never stopped for Android users.